July 14, 2013

Favourite holiday wear + CUT sewing magazine

Every European summer we venture to a different summery location. This year, Southern Italy. I was surprised by the chaotic nature of this region as I found both Croatia and Turkey to be a bit more organised. It took me about a day to adapt! All in all it was a nice trip where I was able to expose me taste buds to flavor again! (sorry Germany, but you don't thrive in the area of food produce). But I am certainly happy to be back in calm, quiet Berlin:)

Favourite holiday adventure wear 
Generally for every trip we will try and photograph a new sewing project. Unfortunately this time around I was busy blogging and screen printing, so I had no outfits ready for the adventure. But I did realise that I ALWAYS wear the same sewing projects on holidays. My CUT magazine playsuit/romper is certainly a staple outfit when enjoying the summer months (previously blogged about here). If you love the pattern, make sure you check out CUT mag!

The pattern for this playsuit can be found in the CUT Mag issue 5. It is written in German, but the steps are well photographed, so if you have a little experience in sewing, you can create the garments.

NEW: Issue 9 CUT sewing mag!
Yesterday I was walking past one of the little sewing stores in Berlin and I spotted the new CUT sewing mag! I have been following CUT mag since the first issue so it is always exciting to get the new issues with new sewing patterns and articles. This issue there is a mens shirt, half circle skirt and jacket.

Find more about CUT mag here!


  1. I always like seeing what others wear on holidays ... theres no excuse to not look cool and comfy while travelling around. Love the playsuit :)

  2. Love the fabric pattern combo and the itsybitsy buttons. Just love everything about that last shot. Cut mag.. sigh. Their website doesn't work-I've tried to buy their mags from there multiple times and just given up. I even emailed them about it but they ignored. So now I hate them. Nah I don't hate them but I do hate bad user experience and lack of service. So I'll be avoiding that link XP Once bitten etc.. Also get rid of recaptcha please. There're plenty of alternatives... =S