February 07, 2013

TUTORIAL! Snood. Bring on the snood-ilicous-ness!

It is no secret that I find it difficult to sit still. I get overly excited about all of my passions. It often gets to the point where I just need to sit and rest... but still I need something to do. Knitting & crocheting are my ultimate productively relaxing past times. My grandma taught me how to knit when I was a child and my Australian football DOCKERS scarf was my first project. Go the Dockers! Of late I have spent most of my knitting and crocheting time making toys for presents for friends and family. I also started making clothing the other year when I knitted shorts for my sis kaye(you can find them here.... and I am knitting the shorts again so that I can write out the exact pattern for a tutorial. I want to spread the knitted shorts cheer! ... but it is STILL on my to do list). 

So here is the pattern for a SNOOD! I think that everyone should knit a snood. It is relaxing and once you get started you don't need to think too much. PLUS it is an awesome piece of clothing!


* Size 10 mm circular knitting needles/or double pointed needles/or regular needles (where you sew the snood together after)
* 3 x 50 g yarn
* (optional) Knitting marker of some sort. (e.g. safety pin/bought knitting marker/different coloured yarn)

This is the yarn that I chose to use
  Austermann Merino Softy - 3 schwarz here
Zusammensetzung  98% Merino Schurwolle, 2% Polyamid
Lauflänge  ca. 53m / 50g
Nadelstärke  10.0 - 12,0mm
Verbrauch  Damen Langarmpulli Gr. 38/40 M ~ 550g
Maschenprobe  8 Maschen, 12 Reihen = 10x10cm

1. Cast on 66 stitches 

2. Now that you have cast your stitches on you need to join your round. If your cable is too long you just need to pinch the cable through the stitches. Find the half way mark between your stitches, then pinch and pull the cable, which brings the stitches to a close. If this sounds all a bit confusing there is a 'magic loop youtube link here' which kind of gets at what I am trying to explain.

3. When joining the round make sure that you do not twist your knitting, otherwise you will get a twisted snood. Not  a good look.... I have made this mistake before. Just undo it and start again.

4. Once you are certain that everything is going well, keep knitting in the round, up until you reach your starting point. If you want you can place a marker here so that you clearly know where your starting point is. Now knit a round of pearl stitch. This pattern continues,

Knit a round
Pearl  a round
Knit a round
Pearl  a round

.. .until you get the width that you want. I knitted until I finished the 3 balls of yarn, which was about 58 rows. You can see in this below image that I have to constantly pull the cable through as I am knitting around.

5. Make sure that you finish off at your marker point. Cast off.

And there you have it! A cosy snood for the winter and a relaxing 'I don't have to think' project!


  1. woohoo, thanks for the tutorial! especially because the wool you found is very nice, I was looking for something big but structured like this. I even think about buying a few skeins of it right now :)

  2. I am so glad that it was of some help:) Good luck with your snood!

  3. I would love to see a tutorial for those shorts, they were great!

    1. thanks! It is unfortunately still on my to do list... but thanks for the reminder, perhaps I have to bump this 'to do' up the list.