September 09, 2012

MUSIC: Telepathe

As a teenager I spent many nights waiting up for late night RAGE. RAGE is an  Australian music video program which features new music (Friday nights) and guest programmers (Saturday night). Like many Aussie youngsters I discovered heaps of new and old music on RAGE. It definitely shaped my musical taste!

One such discovery was a band called Telepathe. I can still remember watching the 'so fine' video clip on a Friday night. I was impressed with their unique and raw electronic sound. So, whilst performing my weekly Blitzgigs (Berlin gig guide website)check I was thrilled to discover that Telepathe were playing a gig at About Blank, Berlin

Last nights performance was full of energy from both the band and the crowd. Their multi layered fusion of sounds certainly drew me in and kept me wanting more! Below you can find the clip for the song 'so fine'. This song just makes me want to dance around like a crazy energizer bunny. Have a listen!

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  1. hahaha nice! I only discovered Rage last weekend when I visited a friend that had it on (unfortunately most of the current music was hideous-I can't stand autotune-except when it's being sung by actual robots) there were some old gems though XD