July 07, 2012

Berlin Fashion week

If you have walked through the streets of Mitte, Berlin in the past week, you may have noticed that there are a heap of very fashionable people about (..... well more then usual). It is of course Berlin Fashion week. I am never very excited by these events as unfortunately it is really just an industry event. There are not too many events open to the public... but there are a few! Particularly those by independent designers.

Yesterday Michael and I made our way to the Helsinki fresh exhibition. I really found that it was an inspiring exhibition with a bunch of unique designs. They were also presented very well.
 I really loved how anttiasplund displayed his romantic style garment. I love this dress!

 Avant-garde mens wear designs by Dusty.

 I really liked the fabric designs from jatuli.

I just love the knitwear designs from Jenni Alava
I particularly like her knitted dresses! Really great designs

We also visited the 'Fashion Road Dialog ├╝ber Grenzen hinweg' which show cased a number of designs by designers from across the globe.

 Kristine Avetisyan, Armenia & Pavel Ivancic, Czech Republic

Kristine Avetisyan, Armenia & Pavel Ivancic, Czech Republic

Stay tuned for more Berlin Fashion week posts!:)

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