March 28, 2013

A random wintery day

For this long winter (yes I know that it is 'technically' spring, but there is still snow outside!) I am spending my days pattern making, sewing and screen printing! (and of course taking photos in the snow) Maybe the extended winter isn't so bad after all.

Photography Michael Dooney

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March 25, 2013

the new eco blog 'i give 2 hoots'

Photos: Michael Dooney

Getting older sucks! I have definitely got to a stage where I have realised that I am no longer a really young spring chicken. It is a scary feeling that has accumulated over the years.... I suppose that this is a normal experience for the 20 somethings. My daily ritual of listening to the news, watching documentaries and reading philosophy books has only contributed to this overwhelming feeling of dread. It all gets a little depressing at times, getting older and reflecting on the state of the world. Aaaahhhhhhh it gets me down.  

For me, these photos signify a moment of sadness and weakness ..or perhaps clarity. Just before christmas, I was getting ready to go home to Aus. I had only a short period of time to make a bathing suit. I gave it a go, but it was not fitting well and I didn't have enough time to solve the fit problems. So I went online. I found some nice bathers for a good price as well as this dress (photographed above). So I purchased both. When they arrived on my door step I felt terribly guilty. I never really buy clothes and since getting more into the eco/ethical fashion side of things, I definitely do not make these type of purchases. But I am happy to announce that it prompted me to reflect upon my current 'eco/ethical' practices and confirmed that I am passionate about the whole slow fashion movement.

So, in an effort to inject a little more positivity and optimism  into everyday, I am now starting a blog which focuses on the good things people are doing in relation to the slow fashion movement. This blog is called 'i give 2 hoots'. The slow fashion movement is something which values and celebrates community, human rights, environmental responsibility, artisan skills and crafter skills in fashion. I hope to create a resource which allows others to be inspired by those who are taking part in the slow fashion movement 'in their own way'. This last point is important as I find we tend to critise each other for the things we do (or don't do) rather then celebrating our successes. 

I have devised a number of categories. Have a look at the table below to see if you fit into one of these categories!


So if you sew the majority of your clothes, or if you aim to consume less, or you buy mostly second hand/vintage or you fit into any of the categories above, be sure to head on over to 'i give 2 hoots' & show that you give 2 hoots about the slow fashion movement!